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๐ŸŽ‰ May is Dalea's birthday month! To celebrate, VISITOR Deluxe Limited Edition CD is on Sale 40% off! Get it, while supplies last. *NOTICE* : From May 9th to May 15th there will be no shipping due to team travel. Orders received from May 9-15 will ship on May 16th. Thank you for your understanding.

Enter the world of VISITOR

Faithful to Dalea's signature style, VISITOR is packed with larger-than-life sound, kinetic riffing, pulsating symphonic instruments and celestial, melodic choruses. Yet, VISITOR finds Dalea exploring a new range of modern dynamics, rocketed by her desire to push herself much further than ever before.

VISITOR Features Daleaโ€™s voice as that of a stranger from a distant planet, chronicling her arrival to earth, the land of native men and women. Dalea roars her strength, love, passion and vulnerability. Her lyrics hint of a crusade to fight for earthโ€™s people, and a quest to help them open their eyes to save themselves from self-destruction.

Two years plus in the making, VISITOR Deluxe Digipack CD, contains 15 original songs and an eight page booklet with all the lyrics in the album. All surrounded by beautiful photographs, printed in top quality silky matte finish.

If you would like for Dalea to Autograph your album purchase, please write us a note as you complete the purchase!